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Welcome to my edition of the May 5th Crayon Blog Hop

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Our hostess Sally Russick challenged us to design something in Monochromatic colors 
are all the colors (tints, tones, and shades) of a single hue.

Monochromatic color schemes are derived from a single base hue, and extended using its shades, 
tones and tints. 
As a result, the energy is more subtle and peaceful due to a lack of contrast of hue.
My initial idea was Orange. It is spring, Tangerine Tango and orange shades! Piece of cake.
 I admit I procrastinated as this has been a busy month and this week I pulled out all my orange beads. 
The truth is I don't really have all that much in Orange. The orange I mostly found was in the darker shades. 
I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to design with some of the new copper components my 
husband Mike and I have been creating in an amazing new e- course we have been taking together with
 Deryn Mentock "The art of closure".

It turned out to be a long necklace and was difficult to photograph.  
It hangs beautifully. You will have to trust me on this. 
I always find myself turning to my large box of borosilicate glass from my friend 
Amanda at Sea Shore Glass. www.etsy.com/shop/seashoreglass
Amanda never fails me when I need something very special in colors to design with. 
This focal bead has beautiful subtle hues of orange stripes.  
Mike had designed a similar focal copper frame for another piece 
he is designing right now and gave me this one for this design. 
I made a handmade bead cap and head pin to attach it to the frame and  
I think it came out beautifully. 
I then wrapped a copper leather piece and wrapped a piece 
of patina wire to secure the knot. 
 I made the right side a little longer than the left, a style I use quite often. I had this amazing handmade chain
 I had been holding for the right design. Mike made a spiral hook to secure the right side to the chain and
 I added a piece of sari silk up through the chain. 
 I  made a beaded piece with several carnelian beads, fire agate beads, tiny seed pearls,
carnelian heshi,

and one beautiful Czech glass bead. 

I made the  spiral hook and clasp and connected it on the left side. It is too pretty to loose the details at the neckline. 

 Little touches like the ball ended wire wrapped around the links of chain complete this design. 

The details  of the handmade pieces in this necklace are a wonderful way of really showing off our new skills. It was fun to design with them. 
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the hop. I'm off to see what everyone else came up with. 

Hosted by:

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  1. Very nice indeed! I love how you incorporated so many materials and how they blend and work so well together - gorgeous necklace!!

  2. Sorry for the way this post turned out. It is the first time i have posted since blogger changed. It made everything get out of alignment and the more I tried the worse it got. Hope you got through it anyway. It's a beautiful day!!

  3. Cherrie! Oh goodness, this necklace is just a feast for the eyes! The textures and subtle color shifts are amazing. And that focal? Yum!! (and yeah, not crazy about the new blogger format either..)

  4. The necklace turned out beautiful, Cherrie - lovely textures blended together, lovely colour - and the focal is indeed amazing! I love your piece :)

  5. Amazingly beautiful. These are some of my favorite colors...

  6. The focal is gorgeous and I love your copper frame. You took so many different textures and really made them work together. It is a wonderful necklace.

  7. I love how you've wire wrapped the focal bead to show it off, and all the textures are gorgeous together!

  8. Exquisite! Just dripping in style and charm and beauty!

  9. Your necklace is just beautiful. I love love love orange but it can easily become too showy. Your piece is just right. I also love the frame you made for the focal bead. I recently did something similar and it turned out quite nice. It is special with all the hand made things you made yourself for it. It truly is a reflection of you. Great job!

  10. Beautiful Cherrie! I love how the orange is very subtle. It's a gorgeous piece without being "in your face orange!"

  11. This is beautiful! I particularly like how you framed that gorgeous focal bead with your wire work! Really stunning!

  12. That's beautiful! I love the special details, and the wire work is terrific!

  13. I have been catching some awesome wire work from Deryn's students....yours is awesome too! I really like the way you worked with the focal and of course adding the textiles very very nice!

  14. Hi Cherrie,
    I love your necklace the warm colors of the orange gemstones paired with the copper is gorgeous. I like the use of the silk ribbon to soften up the hard chain.

  15. Love the whole necklace and espeically that focal bead with the copper frame - wonderful job! Just love the colors and the use of the silk too!

  16. Cherrie! I can just tell that this necklace looks fantastic on!! The beautiful orange hues, the textures of the fiber and those pretty orange beads against the copper make such a beautiful necklace!! Your closures are so cool!!!

    Cherrie, thank you so much for participating in the hop!!

  17. Gorgeous! I love the ribbon and your use of a variety of materials is excellent, not an easy thing to pull off! Love it and love your blog too! Beth

  18. I love all the combination of handmade details which make this piece spectacular as well as copper and orange always look great together!

  19. I love that you and your husband are taking the class together - how fun! This necklace turned out great, so warm and full of life.

  20. Very pretty! And what pretty things you've created from Deryn's class (I'm taking it, too, but haven't been able to do much with it due to time constraints -- your results are inspiring me to get to it!)

  21. You did such an amazing job with what I think would have been one of the most difficult color choices. Great way to highlight the beatiful focal bead with wirework and fibers. Love it!

  22. Gorgeous necklace Cherrie!! Love the way you used the wire work. The copper crimp with the silk looks great and is so fitting for this necklace.

  23. Love how you've incorporated so many different materials in your design and the warm and depth of your oranges...it's a stunning piece.

  24. You incorporated so many beautiful elements into this design Cherrie ... I love it!

  25. All those textures in perfect balance! I just love this piece! It definitely channels the light. :)

  26. Love the way you highlighted the focal bead with the pretty wire work!

  27. Very nice! And thanks for all the detail shots, they are lovely! Good luck with your new ecourse.

  28. Loving all the different materials you have used here!

  29. Love the rustic orange colors in this...along with as usual your beautiful combination of textures, beads and shapes! Super job Cherrie!

  30. What a warm piece! Cherri, I love your use of copper. I too love copper and yet the allusive "Tangerine Tango" still boggles my mind. You've blended the shades beautifully in a piece that is versatile! I also love your use of the woven fiber... great element with the chain!

    Have a fantastic day!

  31. You really made a beautiful piece out of a color that I usually don't like. Well done!! :D

  32. What a stunning design! I love the rich orange colors—like a tree in the autumn at peak color!!

  33. Nice chain! Love the chain paired with the sari fabric.