Today its about my birthday girls.

This is my granddaughter Taylor who is 9 years old today. She was my first baby girl. I have two sons that I love very much, but I waited for many years to find out what it is to have a girl around. She is pretty, smart, cute in everything she wears, silly, dramatic, very artistic, a great dancer and she loves her family. She reads books like an adult and loves horses, and the beach. 
Today we are all headed to Las Vegas to spend a couple of whirl wind days watching her perform in nationals for cheer leading for our local Bulldogs Mighty Mite team. 
Tay has many things to look forward to this year including another baby brother or sister due in August. 
Drew her brother is really hoping for a brother in fact that is what he wanted for Christmas. Sure enough right around then the news came that in fact he might get his wish. 

Tomorrow is their sister Alexa's 2nd birthday. She is the most adorable baby sister anyone could ask for. Her brother and sister totally adore her and she greets them with open arms when they return from their activities or school with Tay or Drew I missed you. She is smart and gorgeous. She is the light in every day for Grandpa and me. In fact she gets to spend part of every day at our house usually playing awhile, and then napping while I work in my studio. She loves to go shoppin' with me. Lately she has begun choosing the snacks or clothes she likes. At this cute age her vocabulary has been greatly expanded in the past couple weeks and we have so much fun talking in sentences now. She has an incredible memory like her daddy did and you can't get much past her. She loves my beads and necklaces and always says preeety! She like to wear them for a few minutes, until she is off to the next toy or activity.

This is Drew. He is the coolest little first grader. He is cute, smart, and also reads very well. He is an amazing whiz on video games, loves rock and roll like his Dad,  and adores both of his sisters. He says if the baby is a girl he will love her too but you know.... He really would like to balance out the family. 

"Happy Birthday" to our girls. 

My shop will be closed from this afternoon until Monday as I won't have the time to get to my computer and I want to enjoy the kids. So watch for news next week and have a wonderful weekend. 


  1. Ooooh - safe traveling Cherrie and Happy Birthdays in a big way! Have lots of fun and I'll chat with you when you get back - take lots of pictures!

  2. They are adorable. And I can tell that you are very proud. What an honor to be someone essential in their lives! Enjoy the day. Erin