My experience with Bead Soup September 2011

What I sent Claire
It all started with my original partner Claire Maunsell an amazing artist living in Quebec. I visited her Etsy site and introduced myself. I knew from the start that we have very different styles, and got busy making a soup mix I thought Claire would be comfortable with and yet a challenge.

I mailed her package off and heard from her she was working on mine. She put a clever mixed up teaser on her blog and then proceeded to tell me the clasp was a new idea and that I would be her guinea pig. Each day I checked the mail and waited for my surprise. 

Towards the end of August my carefully packaged soup was held up in the mail. I suddenly found myself with not only one but two partners in case the original package would arrive too late. At the beginning of September I received my package from Claire. This is just sampling of what she sent me. Since I have an art show this weekend I am going to save some these delicious beads for another day when I am able to really give them the time they deserve. I already have one set of beads tucked away with some other beads I found to complete that piece. I will have enough to make at least two more pieces after the blog hop. That will be another post on another day.
Polymer clay clasp and Miss Fickle Media chain 

The two beautiful handmade origami packages were full of amazing polymer art beads handmade by Claire. I was in awe and since this type of bead is not familiar to me I wondered if I would come up with a design to do this soup justice.

The same day I received a second package from Cathie Carroll in Washington. It was beautifully wrapped and had lovely glass pearls from Mexico, a beautiful ceramic focal by Vicki Love with both sides finished in a different design and an amazing antique button clasp. Cathie was so quick to respond I was reminded there are wonderful people in this community. I feel very blessed.

Now all I need is time which I don't have this month and some free creating ideas. I began adding pearls, chain and ribbon from my stash to Cathie's mix and set it aside. Monday I began designing a the first piece.
What I sent Cathie

Less than a week, as the day drew near and I was waiting for the beads from Claire to speak to me, I packed everything up and went to my bead shop, Beads on Main in Vacaville. Jess and Dave and I collected additional beads and some wire and I went to work. I also found some additional beads for the amazing antique clasp and larger pearls, ceramic bead to design a second piece.

As I post both soups on Saturday you will have an idea what kind of challenge this has turned out to be for me. I want to thank both Claire and Cathie for making this a very interesting month. They both put so much effort into the packaging, the ingredients and the challenge. I am pleased with the results and hope you enjoy my designs.

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