Our family summer vacation. Brookings and Bandon Oregon July 2011

Nothing like a sunset at the ocean. Our first night in Bandon. 

Alexa at the beach for the first time. 
The tide pools at Face Rock. Very cool starfish and sea urchins on this beach. The kids played in the sand, the water and the tide pools. 

The boys and Alexa heading out to get a cookie and shop old town Bandon.
The giant cookies at Bandon Coffee shop.
Ray and Great Grandma Baldwin

Tay and Ray playing on the PSP

Tay, Drew and Morgan a cousin of their cousin. They became fast friends. 
West coast Game Park. The kids got to pet a baby tiger. There were lions, tigers, a white tiger, deer and goats, giant turtles, peacocks showing their beautiful colors and baby animals to name a few. Taylor was very interested in zoo keeping. She had quite a conversation with one of the guys who takes care of baby animals.

Me and Alexa. Look at the rain deer in the background. 
Tiring stuff this animal park. Alexa was ready for a nap when she was asked not to climb steps after a goat. She gets her heart broken.
This is how Drew wakes up every day. Alexa is the lover and always succeeds in waking him up happy.
Good Morning Drew, love your sisters. 

Uncle Sean got to bond with Alexa.

Ray and Drew always hate to say goodbye.

Drew was delaying the inevitable good byes by catching some comics. 

Our son Sean, little Sean, Regine our daughter in law, Ray and Taylor, Mike, Drew Alexa and Me. My mom Grandma Baldwin was taking the picture and had a great time with us on this trip too. Time to say goodbye. Always the sad part. Next time we will have another baby to visit, grandchild number 6!!
We stopped by Harris beach in Brookings, Oregon on our way home and the weather was awesome. We could of stayed there for days. This is the beach Mike and I spent hours walking and photographing and making many life decisions at when we lived here in the 80's.
This is one of our favorite places on earth. How exciting to share that with our grandchildren. We showed Taylor this same beach as her first experience when she was only 18 months. Now Alexa is 18 months old and we got to do this for her.

We wore them out. Look at bunny! Wish I could of taken a snooze.

These are just a few pictures to document our week. Another camera has the barbecue at the beach and smores.

Hope you enjoy my little summer story. I am back to work and after a week with out time for the Internet I have been on my computer for several hours already and Mike and I will be busy preparing for a two day Benicia Jazz and Art Show this weekend. Stay tuned for news on that. Lots to do. See you soon.


  1. So sweet! That is a lot of beautiful grandbabies. I would love to have a vacataion at a beach. Does sand on the ball diamond count? ;-)
    Enjoy the day, Cherrie!

  2. Erin, I don't think so. I could of stayed at the beach all summer. I am never happier than at the beach and with my family makes all the more special. Thanks for the comment. Cherrie

  3. Wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing your beautiful grandchildren and your special vacation memories.