I'm so into getting ready for vacation mode.

I began this week with the intention of designing like crazy. I need more of everything,  I hope,  before my weeks of shows. The truth is I have not made up anything all week. I just listed a few more altered metal earrings in the shop. I have a few more pieces that I have photographed and I can edit and list soon.

 Here are some examples of my latest altered metal work. I love this technique and plan to expand on it as I purchased a new Vagabond from Tim Holtz with birthday money so I could really be productive. Some ladies would buy themselves a treasure. I must be a die hard:)

My Cuttlebug which was only used 3 times will now be for sale. No extra room in my studio.

It will all have to wait as Friday is the Beads on Main Summer Sale and I can't miss that. Then I need to pack up the car as we are off on an adventure with 3 of our grandchildren. 8 year old Taylor, 6 year old Drew and 18 mo old Alexa. 10 hours to the Oregon Coast to visit our other two grandsons Ray 13 and Sean 5.  My mom is going this time and we will have a great time.

We will bundle up each day to hit the beach I hope. That is the plan. They live only blocks away in a cute little beach town. They have quite a bit cooler temperatures by 30-40 degrees from our heat in Vacaville.  Buckets and sweatshirts. I will try to send pictures as we play.

Before we know it we will be back to a busy month and ready to get back at our art jobs which we love so much.

Not to worry my drawing will be held on Friday as promised.  I will draw through an Internet random drawing place to be completely fair.  If your reading this be sure to share with your friends if you haven't already. I look forward to sharing with my new friends and want to thank all of you for the lovely comments.

Hope your summer is going well. 


  1. That is metal? I love it! Can't wait to see what else you do with this Vagabond thing. Have fun!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Thanks Erin. My dear friend Amanda has patiently taught me the technique. I am working on new idea with a happy accident as I nearly ruined a whole batch. After my husband came to my rescue I ended up with something I did not plan on. We'll see what happens on the next go around. It is an ongoing skill I am enjoying.

  3. those earrings are lovely!