This was quite a week. It started off with bead soup an many new friends and comments. My Etsy circle had a dozen or more new friends. I got word I will be in Bead Trends August. That is always a thrill. I started working on a year of bookkeeping for taxes and what a mess. I hate that part of this business. I would rather play with beads. Then a migraine, turned virus of some sort and I missed a bead show and have been down under the covers for 5 days. I will be up sometime, finish those taxes and get back to what I love. New item to show you and so many new ideas. For now rest. Oh by the way, I did not get to all of the bead soup party, so I assume I will take a peek at the remainder of my list soon. It was great inspiration.

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  1. Yay for everything good, boo on taxes. Triple boo on migraines.