On a personal note; Today marks 7 years since my Dad passed away. He lived a good life. My mom and he shared 54 years together.

He was all about his family. He worked 2 to 3 jobs at a time when I was growing up in order to make sure we had the best. He always taught us to work hard as nothing comes easily. He taught us how to run a business. He always set the bar high and rarely passed out compliments on a good job. That said if he was talking to anyone else about you, he would brag about his kids and our accomplishments.

I wish he was here now. In the past seven years so much has happened to all of us. He would of never dreamed some really difficult and many exciting things. He only knew two of our grandchildren, now we have five. He would of loved them.

I started a jewelry business and now not only has it grown, but this month I have joined ranks of published artists in my field. I have often wished I could call him and share my life. When ever I see those clouds I call angel wings I feel his presence. I miss you Dad. Thanks for all you gave me. I know you would be proud.


  1. Sounds like you had a man you could really look up to growing up! I envy you that! HUGS

  2. Thanks Marie, yeah, you know sometimes we don't always see it all until it's gone. I guess that is part of living. I know I have many of his best traits so that is a good thing.