Focus on dreams of the future, instead of history of the past ♥ My niece put that on her FB yesterday. She just got accepted to Fitta a fashion college. Not sure i am spelling that correctly. She lost her Dad to horrible bone cancer when she was 9 and life has been challenging. She has many prayers up for how to pay for this but she is going to find away. I am so proud of her. Life is challenging every day for many of us and as we follow our dreams especially the creative ones we often need words of encouragement. I know becoming a bead designer and Mike getting back into photography and our son with his music. We are passionate about what we do each day and the struggles to make a living at it and keep going are there to make us try harder and become even more accomplished. Then we get a note from someone and it all seems worth it. Well I must get some pictures shot of my table full of new creations and show the world what I was up to this week.

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