September 23rd, 10 years ago my brother Dan lost his two year battle with bone Cancer. He was only 42. He was a loving father of a beautiful daughter Nicita, whom he adored. He was step dad to Hyrum, and husband to Bronda. He was an business man, idea guy, artist, musician and caring family person. He lived many lives in his short years and experienced a tragic death. I miss him and know he would be so proud of me in my journey into yet another art, of jewelry design. He helped me learn about painting and encouraged Mike in his photography and Tim and Sean in Music. Tim and Dan were in several bands in the WA state area. His influence still lingers in our lives and I know he is with us today in our thoughts although he seems very far away. We're still following our dreams bro, wish you were here.

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  1. That was such a touching post Cherrie, how blessed you are to have had such a positive influence to shared your life with, he was a true gift <3