I'm in a Paris state of mind. Really I am in a fall state of mind. I am so happy to be designing and shooting my work and editing and listing. Call me silly cause boy it is a lot of work. It's time to get busy. I need to get more friends to follow my blog. I am in a mood to get really creative with all of my business. So first things first. The much dreaded price tags for about 175 pieces of jewelry for my upcoming Benicia Art and Craft show September 18. Then I have to update some displays, another thing I have put off. Next comes a whole bunch of designing. I have new charms coming from Marie, and glass beads from Melissa at Sea Glass. I also have a bunch of stone from my summer traveling across the country and glass beads from Amanda and a few other new goodies. I am going to submit several pieces to hopefully join the ranks of the published. Not much in my goal list? Well that is about it. Then I promised myself I would get some more boxes unpacked. I do wish I had a little genie for that. I almost forgot we are going to bring two new types of design to the table as soon as we can see a place to build a workbench and that is about it. Happy September!! So anyway if you can recommend your friends to my blog that would be fantastic!!

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